Why do I think I am a multipotentialite?

January 25, 2022

People always tell me:

“Focus on one thing”

“Do not waste your time”

“You are so distracted”

“You will never have enough experience"


But I refuse to answer, because I am focused on many things, and I am enjoying life.

First of all, I had never thought of it. I didn't even know that such a descriptive word existed. And later on, I'm not even sure if it's a pro or con to identify myself as one as these are the only description I had for myself. I.e., Unfinished work, broken consistency, unparalleled distractedness, and losing interest quickly as fast as I know that it is only a matter of time.

I never felt like what I was doing in my job was enough - even when it started to feel like all I did was work, as maybe nothing was fulfilling enough for me. So, before coming across the term "multipotentialite" and understanding what it means for me, I just felt like there was something wrong with me for not finding an identity in one thing.

I think many people believe that they are multipotentialites, but they might not. Multipotentialites have diverse interests and passions that all interest them equally. They never know what they want to pursue, but they will find their passion if given the opportunity to explore.

What is a multipotentialite exactly?

Multipotentialite is a term that is used to describe someone who has a variety of interests, skills, and talents.

The term multipotentialite was coined by Arthur Kornhaber in the 1970s. Multipotentialites are people who have many interests and skills, but they may not be recognized as experts in any one area.

A multipotentialite is a person that:

  • Is interested in learning new things all the time.
  • Enjoys being able to do something in more than one area, and they have the motivation and determination to achieve whatever goals they set out to achieve.
  • Has many different areas of expertise, but they can't focus on just one.
  • Sees potential in many ideas, projects, or products.
  • He is a person who has many different interests and pursuits.
  • He is someone with too many interests to choose just one, which can lead sometimes, to a sense of overwhelm and stress.
  • Flexible enough to adapt to any situation.

It's common for me to feel that I don't have a "special" skill or talent.

I'm not trying to be the best in one thing but rather find different skills and interests that add value to my life, and perhaps, these things can also benefit those around me.

If you are a multipotentialite, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have an innate skill in every field you pursue. Instead, being a multiplatenthetical includes being willing to take on new tasks and challenges without fear or anxiety.

Why do I think I am a multipotentialite?

Reason 1: imaginative and creative spirit

I have always been called an artist, although sometimes it bothers me since it might not be fully who I am, or what I am.

After graduating, with the constant pressure from parents and teachers to be successful in one field. I recall I was learning violin, guitar, ukulele, English, Japanese, and Japanese calligraphy as I was trying to put together a YouTube Channel where I could share my calligraphy progress.

So coming up with ideas and creating things was never something hard for me. But settling for one and going all the way was always a big problem

This is what intrigues me with being a multipotentialite, nothing fits into one category.

Reason 2: Passion for things, people, and activities.

I have always been interested in a lot of hobbies and I have developed interests in a lot of things, from art to sport to language to games.

I've been involved with a lot of activities in my life, some with my family, some with groups, and a lot of them were during my school time.

I've done considerably a number of things from teaching violin to writing calligraphy writing my friends' names.

But the one thing I love most is hearing others' stories, helping find the relevant questions that lead them to some answers.

Some superpowers that multipotentialite have:

As the New York-based graphic designer Emilie Wapnick had a TED Talk in 2012 on the “superpowers” of multipotentialites:

1. Synthesis

Synthesis is the act of combining two or more things. It can be done in many ways, but the most common way is to combine two different fields of study to create something new at the intersection. This allows for new ideas and innovation, and those with multiple skills and backgrounds are most likely to do it because they can see connections that others might not.

2. Rapid learning

Multipotentialites crave learning and aren’t afraid of new things. They know they can learn new skills quickly and don’t let fear stop them from trying something different.

3. Adaptability

It makes sense that someone who is constantly seeking new skills, knowledge, and experience would be able to adapt to new situations. As a multipotentialite myself, I'm constantly learning new things every day.

Imagine if you had a team member who could jump in and take over any position, improving the overall productivity of the team.

With the growing popularity of multipotentialites, we need to create a way for people to support them. Multipotentialites can be overwhelmed by the number of creative projects they take on and often feel like they are neglecting other areas in their life because they can't focus on anything long enough.

Briefly, Who are Multipotentialites?

"Multipotentialites" are people who have many interests and creative pursuits, and who are often criticized for not focusing on one thing to the exclusion of all else.

Examples of some multipotentialites

I have had the pleasure to meet a few people who fit this description, and I thought that it would be interesting to write about them.

The following are some examples of multipotentialites.

2. A scientist, a writer, a teacher, an artist, an actor, an entrepreneur, a chef, and many other professions.

3. A programmer, a writer, a chef, and many other professions.

4. A painter, a musician, an entrepreneur, and many other professions.

5. A designer, a painter, and many other professions.

6. An economist, a chemist, a professor, and many other professions.

7. An astronaut, an astronomer, and many other professions.

8. A doctor, a lawyer, a business owner, and many other professions.

9. A psychologist, a nurse, a mechanic, and many other professions.

10. A politician, a social worker, and many other professions.

In the end, I have always been interested in different things, but I never thought that it could be my way of life, so I had to accept and deal with it.

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this post enjoyable as much as I did enjoy learning and writing about it!

I wanted it to be my first post since I don't think close people talk about it a lot or are even aware of it.

Please leave a comment below, and I'll get back to you soon!

If you have any questions or anything you'd like to know more about, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

I will end this article with a few questions, and I would love to hear your opinions on them.

What is a multipotentialite?

Do you think yourself a multipotentialite?

What is an example of a multipotentialite?

What are the benefits of being a multipotentialite?

How do I become a multipotentialite?

Can I be a multipotentialite and have a job?

What is the difference between a multipotentialite and an

Let me know if you want me to address any questions and write more about them.

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